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Costs and Scholarships

Program costs has been divided in three parts

  • Formation Cost: It is the cost of enrollment and fees
    • Funding: Student
  • Subsistence costs: It is the student's salary during the whole process (4 years).
    • Funding: 3 EPN scholarchips (part-time casual teacher contract), scholarships from other financiers (SENESCYT, Universities, etc), Scholarships from research projects
  • Research costs: It is the cost asociated to investigation (equipment, experiments, computers, movility, etc.)
    • Funding: Research project
Training cost is the price of the program (540 USD / year). Subsistence and research costs must be guaranteed by the research director

  • Scholarships: National Polytechnic School offers students of doctoral programs three places of financial aid. These grants consist of contracts under the modality of occasional academic staff part-time, with a maximum dedication of 10 hours. In this sense, the student who has acceded to these helps can dedicate the rest of time to his research project