PhD program in Mechanical Sciences works through a Doctoral Committee. This committee is under the regulation of Research Vice-Rector, which is responsible for ensuring proper functioning of program. Thus, Research Vice-Rector has created a Postgraduate Unit, which is a clearly operative office which collaborates with the Committee to carry out management and program documentation. Doctoral Committee, plans its strategy in coordination with a representative of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and a representative of the departments attached to program. Person responsible for executing decisions of the doctoral committee is program director. The figure shows an outline of the organization.

Principal functions of doctoral committee are:

  • • Establish and manage of students admission, including admission test
  • • Formulate and propose study plans and research lines
  • • Assess academic performance of researchers and professors
  • • Appoint academic tutors and directors
  • • Resolver inconvenientes académicos y administrativos
  • • Conformar los tribunales de grado
  • • Coordinate the annual monitoring of students

  • Doctoral committee
    N Name Functions
    1 Carlos Cevallos Director, Admission Commission
    2 Estevan Valencia Assess, thesis and research commission
    3 Jesus Portilla Admission Commission
    4 Wilson Guachamín Project commission and extern medium relation